How to Fix Error 53 on your iPhone 6 and iPad

How to Fix Error 53 on your iPhone 6 and iPad…

how to fix iphone error 53 touch id problems

The Apple spokeswoman explains that ‘faulty screens or other invalid components,’ can disrupt the unique pairing methods of the touch ID, disabling the phone so it remains secure.
The company has recommended users contact Apple Support for help.
But, once Error 53 comes up, contacting Apple Support may not be of much help.
As the Wall Street Journal points out, some customers have gone to the Apple Store only to be turned away as the error message was like ‘the plague,’ and the unauthorized repairs had voided the device’s warranty.
Many have criticized this move, including Kyle Wiens, head of the electronics-repair site
Weins told WSJ that many of these third-parties use recycled Apple parts, and that the policy is harsh, and ‘ridiculous.’
He even likens the Error-53 related crashes to ‘Ford saying we’re not going to let any mechanics work on our cars because they’ll change the key.’
The error message has also popped up for users who had damaged their phones, and gone on using them without seeking repair.
Apple has recommended taking the phone to an Apple Store, but not all iPhone users have official Apple repair centres in their areas.
For many, the only solution has been to scrap the bricked phone, and buy a new one.

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