Latest IOS 10.2 JAILBREAK 2017 – Install with Cydia Impactor.


Goodnews from jailbreak community

<sorry for quality and mistakes, I wanted to record this video really fast> hello whats up guys today I have very goodnews from jailbreak community today hasbeen released10. 2 jailbreak yes officially and inthis video i will show you how to do it ok

Download Cydia Impactor

first download Cydia Impactor and all site links will be in the description and then download this, go to another site and then you’ll have, you can see this ok click on IPA and download this i can already demo’d ok then go to your father when you have done all this all these files and a bit of course and now go to bthis impactor run this factor up ok there you’ll see this when now go to your main folder where you have this file ok now you have to

Connect your iOS device

connect your iOS device i have said it in it on iphone 6s and I know that it’s three work to mean while and I’m climate in okay I did it now drag this file area impactor and and you have to love in inter actions ok i will lock ok now like the wild and then you will see window which is showing you awarning if you will sleep khaliq just okay and I forget to create new Apple ID what will help you inside okay if you will see that installation is complete the food your folks were from locket ok now re ok now go to his app and click go and file first time if you run it off muchit worked for me invest and then you can click retry and it will work I don’t know what winter time but it cannot work as the first time ok now you have cydia him self sorry ok now if cydia installed you can like it so I have polished as I haven’tchanged my iphone settings to englishi’m sorry about that this area is really working and you can wait now for developers to update their laser their tweaks to hire 10. 2 they haven’t got it yet ok and now when i’m recording this video you can feel them down great too is 10. 2 yes it is very good meal because it’sToto ideas loose that can and at mesorry side pinches your icon or whatever device you have now you can choose your rifle yes i have iphone success and if you areis then point-to-point one which is not supported personally you can now I’m great still 12 and going to really support advice this area ok and that’s all you can just down the house and we serve with ideas like leaking right right clicking update on your eye off there we can see that it’snot compatible with is a 10-points tand points 2. 1 and front that nine-point 3. 4 but it is not yet updated so let’s do it if you can if you don’t want to himself cydia you cannot you cannot do it and that’s all thank youfor watching.



Published on Jan 26, 2017

Text tutorial:
IOS 10.2 JAILBREAK 👍 RELEASED 😀 10.2 JAILBREAK IPA Install with Cydia Impactor – 10.2 JAILBREAK
► FAQ:

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► Q: Links?
► A: Cydia Impactor –
iOS 10.2 Jailbreak file –

► Q: Does it work for other iDevices?
► A: I don’t know, I have tested it on iPhone 6S only. If you know it, leave a comment.

► Q: Is it stable?
► A: As you can read on the site it is not yet stable too much, it is pretty laggy.

► Q: Does it have Cydia preinstalled?
► A: Sure!

► Q: Do I have to reinstall it every time I run my iPhone?
► A: On computer: every 7 days. On iPhone: open this app after every restart of iPhone.

► Cydia Impactor –
► iOS 10.2 Jailbreak file –

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yalu102 for 6s/SE and iPad Pro 10.0/10.1/10.2
may have to add offsets
ipa (cydia impactor)
sha1 2fe14f1c1e1a0d26203bbb123f6747a978dd2b4f
mobilesubstrate works
licensed under wtfpl

IOS 10.2 JAILBREAK 👍 RELEASED 😀 10.2 JAILBREAK IPA Install with Cydia Impactor – 10.2 JAILBREAK

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Let’s jailbreak your iDevice using this tutorial.

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