Learn how to Turn On Low Power Mode iPhone 6S or Any iPhone.

Learn how to Turn On Low Power Mode iPhone 6S or Any iPhone

Low Power Mode iPhone

Do You Want low power mode on iPhone 6S always on?

Hey everyone, so this is going to be a quick guide for those of you who want to enablelow power mode on your iPhone at any point, regardless of what percentage your batterylife is currently on. So, even if it’s not low you can still enable it. Now, all you’regoing to do is go into your Settings. Then scroll down to Battery, right here. Now seeat the top is Low Power Mode, and you can flip this switch to the right if you wantto turn it on. And you’ll know when it’s on because this battery here in the top rightcorner is going to be yellow when it’s on. And it’ll be black when it’s off. I’ll justflip it on again. Also just keep in mind that although this will save battery life there’salso going to be some features and visual effects that are going to be reduced or turnedoff. They talk about that some here. In includes the mail fetch, background apps refresh, automaticdownloads, and also some visual effects. So yeah everyone thanks for watching hopefullyyou found this video helpful, and if you have any questions or comments please let me knowin the comments section below.

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